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I am Patricia Petersen.
I am of Chinese descent.
I am currently a Master’s student, on my way to becoming a counsellor, with a trauma-informed approach, with an attachment lens, and somatic approach.

I am
a Registered Acupuncturist,
Craniosacral Therapist,
Co-owner of a wellness clinic,
Quester, Nature Lover,

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Professionally, I am a healer, licensed acupuncturist, and co-founder of a wellness clinic. I am also a graduate student, currently completing my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology Degree.

My Work

Healer – Acupuncturist – Graduate Intern Counsellor

My approach to helping clients has changed in the last few years.

When I started on my healing journey and experienced the benefits of somatic work, I shifted the way I practice as I realized how trauma could affect our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Currently, I am deeply influenced by attachment work and the polyvagal theory as my healing journey has been greatly helped by these modalities and by healing my attachment wounds.

A few teachers have shaped my approach and work as a practitioner. Carmen Spagnola taught me the importance of healing early relational traumas and attachment wounds. Diane Poole Heller’s groundbreaking work, DARe, on treating adult attachment wounds. Sue Johnson‘s work on Emotionally Focused Therapy taught me that we can intentionally shape and repair our key relationships. 

I am completing my Masters in Counselling Psychology and am an intern counsellor.

Susan Johnson and Master Tung deeply influence my work as a registered acupuncturist and healer. I have been practicing acupuncture since 2009.

I work with individuals who seek balance, and often they come to me when they have tried Western medicine for their dis-eases but are frustrated with the process and found no relief.

Clients find me because they need help with their health. They know something needs to change; they have tried other modalities but are not seeing results.

My clients include those struggling with digestive issues, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction issues, fertility challenges, and more.

Clients work with me because I believe in taking an active approach to healing. I give you the tools and trust that you are capable of doing the work.

I am a mindful and compassionate practitioner. I am willing to be vulnerable, but firm at the same time. I work with clients who want to take their health to the next step. People seek me out because they know I have done the work. I have been through a difficult journey, so I understand their struggles.


  • – Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy  (PACT) Level 1 with Stan Tatkin and PACT Faculty
  • – Emotionally Focused Therapy® (EFT) – Externship
  • – Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy® (EFIT) – EFIT & Trauma Level 1
  • – Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy® (EFIT) – EFIT & Trauma Level 2 
  • – DARe – Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience Module 1 with Diane Poole Heller

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I have been creating one-of-a-kind pottery since 2018. I started taking pottery lessons to help with my grief after my father died.

Pottery has taught me that it is okay to be imperfect, to trust in the process, and most importantly, to slow down and be present.

I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and colors. Therefore I seldom create the same design twice. 

My work

Each piece is handmade with love, attention and it reflects what inspires me – nature and animals.

Most pieces are made on the pottery wheel, then I add special touches to each piece.

I do occasionally hand build some pieces when inspiration strikes.

As all pieces are handmade, there might be some variations, and you will notice that each piece has its own unique feature.

The process of working with clay has taught me to be kinder to myself and that it is okay to be different and unique.

Hence, my wish is that when you are using your piece, it reminds you to be strong like your piece, that you know you are loved as I made each piece with care, and that it is good to be different.

All of the pieces are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. However, hand washing is highly recommended.


You can purchase my latest work here.

Thank you for visiting. Please let me know if you have any questions.