Who Am I?

I am a Holistic Health & Life Coach, and a Writer.

I have been called many things.

Healer, Truth Seeker, Truth Speaker, Story Sharer and Tenacious.

I know myself to be a healer.

I have a diploma of Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I’m a licensed acupuncturist, and the co-owner of a wellness clinic.

I’m also a holistic health & life coach and can work 1:1 with you on your entire well being.

Together, we will look at:

  • Your purpose. Your spirituality.
  • Your health. Your energy. Your body.
  • Your thoughts, your family history, your social identities, and untangling the knots of trauma.

We can’t separate those things like they are individual items. They’re not. They’re you.

So we work on all of it.
Because it all matters. You matter.

I know this, intimately, because I struggled with mattering in my own life.

I am the youngest daughter in a Chinese family.
This meant that all my life, I learned that I was not the leader, I didn’t have a voice and I wasn’t the one who mattered.

So I spent over 30 years armouring my heart, hiding my emotions, and being afraid to speak my truth. Yes.

That was what I did. But no more.

I grew tired of that and have spent the last ten years working on releasing my upbringing and healing old wounds. This meant peeling off layers of everything that was never meant to help me flourish.

And because I’m a health and wellness professional, my mission in life is to help people flourish.

So I did it for myself. It all had to be done — physical, mental and spiritual work, together.

Yes, it’s challenging to take the chains off my heart and to allow people in.
Yes, it’s hard work to walk away from the clutches of cultural beliefs, expectations, shame and guilt… but it is so worth it!

This journey — to truth, to wisdom, to holistic health — matters.

We matter.

I am a Holistic Health & Life Coach.

I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years as a fitness instructor, yoga teacher, licensed acupuncturist and clinic co-founder. As your holistic life and health coach, I am here to support and witness you on your journey.

I am here to help you dismantle your old beliefs and shift your story around your health, your purpose, your worthiness and help you to feel whole again.

I am here to skill build with you and encourage you to speak your truth.

  • I help women to practice and put in place new skills and train their life & health muscles to accomplish new outcomes.
  • I encourage you to acknowledge and truly feel your emotions.
  • I encourage inquiry by asking questions so you can learn to trust your body again, find your truth, and live the life you want.

We will look at how you can change your lifestyle, reduce stress, and learn to listen to your body.

We will make sure you start living like you matter…
…because you do.

I am a Writer.

I write to bring awareness to the world of our cultural wounds and how we can take action to heal from them.

I write to bring awareness to things many people think about but will not or dare not talk about.

I am willing — and called — to write about our ancestral wounds, cultural guilt, shame, fears, loneliness.

I write because I want you to know that you are not alone.

As this process has allowed me to tap into more joy and freedom. I embrace my aliveness and spend a lot of time walking, in nature.

I am fiercely protective of the people I care about. I feel deeply, and I observe myself crying easily these days.

As I get older, I am less concerned about what people think.

I am more concerned with and empowered by speaking my truth, spending time with those I love and doing deep soul work. Soul work that challenges my core beliefs and makes me think, “Why do I have the urge to run?”

I want all of us to experience this freedom and conviction.

That’s why I write.
It’s also the center of my coaching work with you.

I also write on the Medium platform — short stories, poetry and sometimes I post pictures.

Here are a few things you should know if you are thinking about working with me:

I do not give quick fixes.

I am strong. I will hold space and encourage you to slow down.

I can help you to connect the dots and help you to realize your vision.

I strongly believe that Life is short.
I am a big believer of letting go of people, things, and old beliefs that no longer work so you can live the life you want.

I am professionally skilled.

I have a diploma of Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I’m a Licensed Acupuncturist and a CranioSacral Therapist.
What that means for you is that I am uniquely and deeply equipped to help you consider the link between your health, mind and spirit.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in International Business which means I can see the big picture and I’m practical, grounded and action-oriented.

I have training in past life regression, scar therapy, fertility work and Feng Shui.
This means I’m devoted to spiritual development and the less tangible yet potent sides of our being.

I have gone on retreats, most recently a Quest, yoga teacher training, meditation retreats and I am always working on removing layers of myself that no longer serve me.

I was on The Numinous Podcast and I talked about my Quest experience.

I will ask you to speak your truth.

I want you to speak and live your truth because you matter, because you are worthy.

Sometimes I will ask you big and difficult questions so you can find your voice again.
It’s time.

…and this is how I will support you in our coaching work together.

I’m a Homebody.

My ideal evening is having a meal with close friends talking about life, diving deep into the injustice in the world and how we are making a difference.

I read a lot. I love funky socks and Matcha lattes.

And I appreciate you for being here with me.

If your heart is answering yes to doing this kind of healing and coaching work with me, let’s connect.

Let’s heal ourselves and the world.

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