I Guide Women to Reclaim their Health and their Truth.

I believe that when as a collective, we are healthy on all levels – mental, physical and spiritual, we will be kinder to ourselves, the people around us and mother earth.

The world will change when we are each doing our personal work because the work will benefit the collective. The work you do by learning how to speak your truth, by learning to take care of your needs first and by standing up for yourself, will empower you to stand up for others, the collective and in turn change the world.

Truth, Wisdom & Health

You know you are brilliant. You know you are a radical.
You know that what you’ve been doing no longer feels good.
You are at a cross road. You might be in crisis, you want to feel better.

You are wise. Your inner voice is speaking to you. It is time to listen.
You are tired of the struggle. You’ve been through hard times and you survived.
You know you are enough, your soul is ready to heal and it’s time to speak your truth.

Your soul is ready for a deep dive, it is speaking to you.
Your body has been giving you warning signs for years.
It is time to listen to your body. It is time to feel Whole again.

It is time to go deeper.
It is time to release your upbringing.
It is time to release what no longer works.

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Who Am I?

I am a Health Coach, Life Coach, and Writer.
I am here to support and witness you on your journey.
I am here to help you speak your truth.

Writing – Truth, Wisdom & Health

“Patricia, is particularly strong at helping break down seemingly complex problems into manageable pieces. She helped me answer some of my biggest questions, for myself, just by listening and prompting me to consider these issues from different angles.”

Erin M.

“Patricia brings a deep level of wisdom that many professionals lack. She’s extremely intuitive and has inspired me to make (and sustain!) positive changes in my daily life. I’m feeling the healthiest and most energized that I’ve felt in months (if not years) and I’m extremely grateful for the work Patricia does and the magic she brings to the world!”

Wilderness Quest – I Went To The Mountains, Twice

I went to the mountains, again. I spent four days alone, in nature, sleeping in a sleeping bag under a tarp. Yes, a tarp, no tent. Oh, and I fasted. And that “alone” part? I was never alone. I was surrounded by trees, the wind, insects and other beings. (I saw three...

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2018: The Year of the Earth Dog

As the Year of the Fire Rooster draws to a close, a year where the rooster exposed many long held secrets, many are excited to welcome the year of the Earth Dog, also known as the year of the Yang Earth Dog. The year of the dog is a double earth year, it is believed...

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2017 – The Year I Learned to Surrender

My word for 2017 was Surrender. I think it was surrender. Maybe it was trust, but they are the same, aren’t they? You cannot surrender without trust. They go hand in hand. 2017 was a big year. Lot of lessons learned, I made a few soul friends, I did a lot of inner...

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Grief Is Unpredictable

Many people are uncomfortable with grief. Many don’t know what to do when a friend is grieving because we live in a society where any show of emotions besides happiness is frowned upon. How often have you looked at a person who has lost a loved one and you think to...

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