Gratitude & Testimonials

“I approached Patricia because I recognized I needed to make some changes in my life in order to start moving forward instead of spinning my wheels.

The result has been some profound shifts in my perspective. She helped me sort out my mental clutter and remove self-imposed barriers to success.

One thing I found absolutely incredible is Patricia’s intuition and ability to read people. She’s highly empathetic and wholeheartedly non-judgemental.

Patricia, is particularly strong at helping break down seemingly complex problems into manageable pieces. She helped me answer some of my biggest questions, for myself, just by listening and prompting me to consider these issues from different angles.

I would (highly) recommend Patricia to anyone who needs some direction in taking charge of their health and, ultimately, any aspect of their life that needs support.”

Erin McCarty
I am an Edmonton-based freelance writer and a budding mobile personal trainer specializing in women’s health and fitness.


“Working with Patricia has been life-changing. I originally started working with her because I was experiencing auto-immune issues and in general, I was exhausted and burnt out. What I didn’t realize is that the work I would do with Patricia would infiltrate all areas of my life in a positive way.

Previous to working with Patricia, I’ve tried multiple alternative healing modalities and I’ve worked with many different coaches and health professionals. Aside from her diverse knowledge and expertise, Patricia brings a deep level of wisdom that many professionals lack. She’s extremely intuitive and has inspired me to make (and sustain!) positive changes in my daily life. I’m feeling the healthiest and most energized that I’ve felt in months (if not years) and I’m extremely grateful for the work Patricia does and the magic she brings to the world!”

Leanne Kallal

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