Praise For My Father

I lost my father two weeks ago. Although I knew it was coming, it was devastating. He died three months after his scheduled surgery led to complications. It was hard to see him suffer for three months. I still have a hard time understanding the suffering in my head....

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Let Go

I am tired. I am tired of patriarchy. I am tired that in my mid-forties, I still have to fight to speak my truth in my family. I cannot be silent anymore. I cannot stand by and see him suffer. I cannot allow fear to cause me to sit in silence. I want to shake my...

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It’s Never About The Food

Maybe, sometimes, but I will get to that later. On my Facebook post last Sunday, I shared that when I was paying for my muffin at a popular grocery store, the male cashier decided to warn me that my muffin was high in calories and it also contained a lot of sugar. He...

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