Am I Good Enough Without My Stuff?

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Am I Good Enough without my clothes?
My house? My job? My car and my friends?

We live in a society where we are constantly reminded that we are not good enough. We are constantly being “told” that if we buy this product, look a certain way, then we will be loved and accepted.

In my 20s, when I was at university, I was living away from family. I was lonely and depressed.
To deal with my loneliness, I went shopping. I convince myself that “I really need this pair of jeans as it will make me feel pretty.”

Four years later, when I moved to another city, I found clothes with their price tags still attached.
I didn’t wear more than 50% of my purchases.

I had used shopping as a form of therapy.

Did shopping help? Yes, when I was buying the “stuff”, but did that good feeling last? No.

Do I still use shopping as a form of therapy? No.
(Ok, maybe sometimes when I see cool and funky socks. I love socks.)

Now, I buy new things/clothes when they break down.

I am not a minimalist.
I have five sets of work clothes, I have five pairs of shoes and three pairs of jeans.

These days, when I feel the urge to consume, to buy a new pair of socks (Did I mention I love socks?) or something new, I check in.
What emotions am I trying to hide? Why am I buying this even though I have the same kind of “thing” at home?
Will buying this new pair of socks, mug, and shoes really make me feel loved?”

We came into this world naked, we are leaving it naked. We can’t take these things with us.

If you have more than enough “things” and you are not using them, donate, give it to a friend whom you know are having a difficult time and share your abundance.

The system tells you that anything outside of you is valuable, that you need these material goods to feel better.

However, when you truly realize that what is already within you is more than enough, you will stop striving and you will stop buying things just to feel loved.

If you are lonely or depressed, talk to someone.
You do not have to do this alone and remember, you are loved. You are more than enough. Yes you are.

Photo credit: Photo by Gyorgy Bakos on Unsplash

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